Living through Loss: International Grief Council

October 15, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Golden Willow Retreat
7 Callecita Rd
El Prado, NM 87529
Kiersten Figurski

In this day-long workshop format, each presenter will host one session. The first session will be on Transforming Pain into Purpose (Uma); the second on Transpersonal Journaling (Lo Anne) and the third on Past Lives and What they Teach us about the present (Daniela).

Uma Girish, a Grief Guide, Life Purpose Coach and Author moved from India to America in 2008 along with her husband and teen daughter. Eight months later, her 68-year-old mother died in India from stage 4 cancer. Devastated by the loss, Uma was lost in the wilderness of grief before she found the path to a new purpose. Uma will guide attendees to understand the nature of emotional pain, the terrain of grief, and help understand how to transform pain into purpose through the lessons of loss.

Daniela I. Norris, former diplomat and political writer turned inspirational author and past-life-regression therapist, lost her twenty-year-old brother in a drowning accident in 2010. This difficult experience put her on a journey of spiritual exploration and learning. Daniela will start her session with an introduction of past-life-regression therapy, followed by a short group regression. This will give attendees a glimpse into the reasons why their deceased loved ones had to go to The Other Side, together with the lessons that they can learn from their grief journey. We will end this session with learning some tools that will help connect with our loved ones in spirit, as well as ways to ask our guides and angels for help along our spiritual journey. Bring an open mind.

Lo Anne Mayer, author of Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death, discovered that transpersonal journaling could help her heal the strained relationship she had with her mother before her mom died. After Lo Anne’s daughter died suddenly, the author used the same Celestial Conversations to find how what happened and how to help her daughter’s sons. She will share her simple process of prayer, meditation and journaling in the retreat, as she has done in NJ, Texas and California. Bring a pen, a journal and an open heart.