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Personalized therapeutic retreats
Golden Willow Retreat’s therapeutic retreats offer deep and intensive healing experiences. We understand that each person’s journey is unique, which is why our retreats are personalized to meet your specific needs. Retreats typically range from 5 to 14 days, but we can accommodate shorter stays for those with family or professional commitments.

Our programs are designed to address the emotional distress and pain of loss while providing insight, education, and tools to help you transform the unmanageable into healing and moving forward into the future.

Each retreat is tailored to your needs and includes:

  • Grief Therapy
  • Spiritual Care
  • Bodywork: massage therapy
  • Gentle Morning Movement: yoga, tai chi
  • Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Lodging & meals
  • Airport shuttle if needed (additional cost)

Please note that GWR is unable to accept any insurance. For prices and availability, contact us at or 575-776-4862.

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"You created a calm, safe space where I felt totally comfortable being completely vulnerable. Thank you for using your gift of service to help my healing. Your program had just the right balance of hard work, self-care, and play. I am a different person than when I first arrived; I am so much stronger now thanks to GWR."

- SK

Support groups

Connecting hearts through grief support groups
Golden Willow Retreat offers a supportive community where you can connect with others who understand your grief journey. Our regular grief support groups are open to everyone, and no appointments are necessary. Join us for a space of understanding and healing.

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Healing through workshops and events
Explore our calendar of upcoming workshops and events, each providing unique opportunities for healing and connection. Join us in celebrating life and honoring those we’ve lost through these transformative gatherings.

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An incredible book co-authored by our founder
In Witnessing Ted, Carol Poteat travels to New Mexico’s Golden Willow Retreat. Carol’s mission is to witness Ted Wiard’s personal account of how he journeyed from loss to recovery following the death of his first wife, brother, two children and mother-in-law. In this intense and compassionate story, we gradually discover the power of conscious healing.

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